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How to properly layer your skincare products

Did you know that your skincare products must be layered properly in order to get the maximum benefits?

The skin has multiple layers and applying products in the right order can ensure that the ingredients are actually getting into the skin.

From toners to serums and moisturizers, we have listed the steps below to ease your mind. 

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Layering Products 

When it comes to laying any skincare product. There is one simple rule to follow : apply water based products first then oil based products. 

How do you know which product is water based or oil based?

Always check the ingredients. If water is listed as the first few ingredients then this is water based products. 

When applying products, you want your water-based products to be able to penetrate our deepest levels of our skin. Think about the consistency of the product, you want the “thin” product on first and the “thick” product last.

After cleansing the skin with a facial cleanser, follow these steps below: 

  1. Liquid Toner- usually toners are water based, if uncertain of this, check the ingredients.  Toners play a key role in balancing the PH of the skin.  Hydrating Facial Mist is water based and functions as a toner and refreshing facial mist.  Whether it is water or oil based, apply this product first before anything else.  
  2. Serums next: apply your serums that are water based first. Check the ingredients list if uncertain. If water is mentioned in the first 3 ingredients, then it is water-based.  If oil is listed in the first few ingredients apply this serum second to the water-based serum. Our hydrating morning serum  is an oil based serum. 
  3.  Anhydrous/Oils - these means "water-less" or "water-free" products. Primers and face or body oils are in this category. 
  4.   Emulsions- are usually gels/light moisturizers. Our facial moisturizing creme or pump and hydrating moisturizer is in this category. 
  5.  Suspensions- mixture of two products, usually created when a powder substance is mixed with a liquid (usually water). Heavier moisturizers, spot treatment cremes and most sunscreens are in this category.  

If unsure of which product goes first , always check the ingredients list. If water listed in the first three ingredients, apply this product before oil based products.

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