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Skin Basics 1.0

What's so special about your skin ?

The skin consists of two layers: the epidermis and the dermis. Without getting too scientific, the epidermis is the skin you see on the outside and the dermis is underneath. The dermis is where the blood vessels, hair follicles, oil glands and nerve endings are located.

 The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and requires nutrients like the other organs. Our skin has three main functions: protection, sensation and regulation.  We will discuss all three in a few bullet points below:
· Your skin works as a shield against harmful bacteria, toxins, UV rays and other harmful chemicals in the air.  A weak skin barrier will not only increase the chance of getting fine lines and wrinkles, but also can potentially cause skin cancer and other diseases.

· Your skin helps with sensation due to the nerve endings in the dermis. When a mosquito bites or you accidently stub your toe, you know exactly where it hurts!

· Your skin helps to regulate your body temperature, produce sweat when you are exercising, controls your hair follicles (for example when the hairs on your forearms stand up when you are cold or frightened) and other things. 

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