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Save The Earth Initiative

Save the earth banner with illustration of green earth on placed on soil

Amidst the pandemic, climate change has been big factor in limiting access to earth's natural resources . We believe in the power of plants not just for our skin but overall health. We want to preserve the Earth because it is our home. We need your help. We have initiated a "save the earth" campaign, by using the code: SUPPORT at checkout , you can save 10% on every order* and we will donate a portion of the proceeds to help fight climate change and help a family in need.

Group of children of different ethnicities and age smiling holding soil and flowers in hand

A portion of the proceeds will be donated annually to Practical Action. This women-led non-profit organization focuses on helping communities in underdeveloped countries worldwide by creating solutions to battle climate change and build sustainable, clean energy.

Click here to learn about thier global impact ! 

Want to support? Click here to find ways to contribute to the organization. 


* Offer code cannot be combined with another coupon code or be use with any sales actively running during checkout.